The Sign (3)
RO TheSignQuest
A house in Prontera.
RO MetzBrayde
RO MetzBrayde
Prerequisites 4 Resin, 12 Stone Heart, 365 Coral Reef
Level 50
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience
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The Sign The Sign


Help translate the Ancient Language Document.


"Bring this record of Ancient Language to a man name Frank. I hope he'll be able to understand what it says..."

[Who is Frank?]

"Frank Franklin has lived in seclusion and only a few people are aware of his skill. But I can assure you that his knowledge of ancient languages is unrivaled by any mortal. I suppose his interest in history is what drives him in work. Still, I've heard that he doesn't like meeting people. I hope you can convince him to help us..."

[Where is he?]

"It's said that Frank Franklin lives on the Alberta Sunken Ship where he devotes his time to his research. He may not always be home though..."

[I see.]


EXP Rewards

  • 210,000 Base EXP (Level 88)
  • 525,000 Base EXP (Level 112)


"I get it now! The 'skyscraper' in this text refers to the Geffen Tower! Alright, let's see..."

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