The Scarecrow Knows...
Start Farmer Mildwin
End Farmer Mildwin
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Elemento Academy
Rewards Experience, Money
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Mildwin's Routine The Culprit Behind the Carrot Stealing


Take down the Vigilance Scarecrow to acquire evidence and bring it to Mildwin.


"There must be something behind all this Lunatic madness. Yes, I'm sure of it. But I don't have any proof...

Oh!!! Of course!!! Do you see that Vigilance Scarecrow? Even if I missed something, that scarecrow must have seen it, since it's always standing there!

Well, the important thing is that not only do the Lunatics chew on the carrots, they have a habit of scratching their teeth on the scarecrow. The one controlling the Lunatics must have been here, right? And it must have scratched its teeth on the scarecrow...

That's right! The scarecrow must have some kind of evidence left on it! I don't care if ou break it to pieces, just get me something to lead me to the culprit behind all this!!"


  • 52 Base EXp
  • 13 Rupi


"Blue fur...

I knew it!!!"

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