The President's Mission
RO ThePresidentsMissionQuest
Near the back end of the Lighthalzen General Store.
RO Ghalstein
RO Ghalstein
Prerequisites 10 Research Charts, 10 Handcuffs, 1 Ymir's Heart Piece, 1 Grampa Beard, 1 Geek Glasses
Level Base Level 60+
Location Lighthalzen
Rewards Experience, Items
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Cursed Property
Biolabs Entry


Help Ghalstein investigate the Rekenber Corporation's headquarters.


"Hello there~ Isn't Lighthalzen such a wonder to behold with all of its splendor and magnificent beauty?

[Yes, it is.]

Oh, and the weather is so nice today, perfect for a stroll in the park or a lovely picnic. Ah~ Yes, Lighthalzen couldn't be more perfect. Ahahahaha... But still... Hm. Um. Oh, nevermind. Ha ha ha!

Anyway, I hope you have a good day today~"




"I can't believe what happened. I just heard that the president was betrayed! This is horrible! We'll have to start all over. Was it all for nothing?!

No. No, Jargeah would be so disappointed in me if I just gave up. I'll have to follow our dream, no matter what the obstacles are. Jargeah, give me strength!

Also, you've done a great service for us. Although we failed, you carried out your missions perfectly. Here, take this antidote so that you'll finally be free of us. I'd like you to take this small gift, as way of apology. We asked you to do so much, but ultimately we weren't able to accomplish what we set out to do. Still...

I'd like to thank you for everything. Hopefully you found the answers that you were looking for when you decided to help us. Farewell, faithful friend."

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  • Patch (2005 Jul. 12)
    • Some of the time-related parts of the President's Mission Quest in Lighthalzen will change.