Shadow Fiend (2)
Start Eremes Guile
End Eremes Guile
Prerequisites none
Level 25
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
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Shadow Fiend The Way of the Assassin


Defeat the Shadow Fiend.


"I'll make it short.

This is a Shadow Fiend. Assassins of higher rank use them for more power at the cost of their life energy. You could compare it to black magic. Normally, a person of your power should have instantly turned to ashes, but it seems this little shadow has grown fond of you.

Frankly speaking, it is impossible to separate from you. When it sticks to a host, it merges with their body, so I could separate it from you by slicing out your heart, but that would kill you. However, if you can suppress the Shadow Fiend and control it, you can minimize the draining of life and make use of its powers.

So, would you like to give it a try? Even the Assassins of the ages were unable to defeat them. They were all consumed. Thus, their ends were never clean."



"Concentrate on the fight."


"You beat it? Interesting. But don't be smug about it. It probably went soft on you because it likes you.

So a pact has been made between you and the Shadow Fiend. Using them is a secret method passed on to Assassins. I don't know how you came in contact with it, but it is advised that you concentrate on training as an Assassin to keep your life yours."

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