Rogue Guild Investigation
RO RogueGuildInvestigationQuest
Near the Odin fountain.
RO MorrocTraveler
RO RogueAgent
Prerequisites 1 Jack o' Pumpkin, 1 Golden Hair, 1 Horseshoe, 1 Little Evil Horn, 1 Fabric, 1 Green Herb, 2 Alcohol, 1 Mask
Level 70
Location Prontera
Rewards Items
Previous Next
Z Gang Wanted none


Help the Rogue Guild resolve the Z Gang's recent shenanigans.


"Ah, it's very nice and refreshing to be near this fountain. It's much cooler here than back in Morroc.

[How's Morroc lately?]

You're an adventurer and you haven't heard the crazy rumors spreading all over the Rune-Midgarts kingdom? I thought you guys traveled around and heard things.

[What crazy rumors?]

Uh... Rogue agents! They're all over the place! Why don't you talk to some of the Rogue agents dispatched in the other towns? Then you'll know what I'm talking about!"


  • The quest accepts both regular Alcohol and Alchemist-crafted Alcohol.
  • An NPC in the quest will ask you for 2 Mask headgears, but you only need to bring 1 and the NPC won't take it from you.



"Shouldn't you be looking for a Rogue agent to talk to? I mean, maybe you can pitch in and help them out."


"Finally, the Z Gang case is closed. Those guys really gave us some trouble. Why the hell did they stir up so much ruckus in the kingdom anyhow?

Listen, I wanna thank you for pitching in and helping out. It's a small gift, but maybe you'll like it. If not, don't lemme know. Got it?"

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