Reforming Metto
RO JunoItemShop
The item shop in Juno.
RO Wagan
RO Wagan
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Juno
Rewards Items
Previous Next
none Seal of Sleipnir


Mess up Metto's latest experiment.


"I'm sure that you know our city has been living off our research for many years. We owe this quality of life to those who have dedicated their lives to research and study. So we help each other and study together. It is nice to have such solid support around when we are conducting research. But there are those few bad apples that just drive me crazy...

It's good to try hard, but there are those selfish and crazy mad scientists that make things harder for the rest of us. Out of all those, Metto must be the worst by far. He's into crazy things. For science, he's destroyed public facilities, has been the cause of noise and air pollution, and generally disturbing the peace. And he's justifying his behavior under the excuse of research! He's a crazy fellow who's taken it too far!

I wish there was a way that we could stop him from wrecking it for the rest of us. Some brave, daring soul should be able to do something..."

[Leave it to me.]

"Oh, are you going to take care of this for us? We would be very grateful. But how do you plan to go about doing this? You need a ruse to trick him into quitting. Something subtle, like... Hmm... Sabotaging his experiments and making it look like it was his destiny to fail!

He's talkative, so if you approach him, he'll tell you all you need to know.

Yeah... I've been thinking of this plan for a while..."



"How goes your work with Metto? Hopefully the plan is going well. I'm sorry to bother you with such a task."


"Thank you for your help. For your work, there's one less mad scientist to worry about. I'm sure the people of Juno are very thankful. Here is a little token of our appreciation.

I wish you luck in your future endeavors."

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