Real Culprit
Start Roselle
End Dean Wilfred
Prerequisites none
Level none
Location Elemento Academy
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Real Culprit The True Identity of the Suspicious People


Get an explanation from Dean Wilfred in front of the waterfall.


"What? The Combat Professor was a member of the Freyjanity? Who would have expected it? He was really good to our cadets!

After you went into the cave, masked men suddenly appeared. The Combat Professor had a short conversation with them and ran to the gate. Soon, Dean Wilfred and the cadets came. I heard from the dean that the Combat Professor was a Freyjan. Go ask him for the details!"



"Are you alright? Don't be surprised. We found out that the Combat Professor was a member of the Freyjanity.

Professor Fritz... No, he's not a professor anymore. That Fritz was the culprit of all the strange incidents that happened at the academy!!!"

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