Questions About the Freyjanity
Start Zeras Hyperion
End Hans Rapad
Prerequisites none
Level 9
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money, Items
Previous Next
Member of Rune-Midgarts Resolute Position


Meet Lord Knight Hans near the Cathedral.


"So, what brings you to the city, other than your lesson purposes?

(Zeras listens to the news)

The Freyjanity!? Are you sure? I never thought that they'd reach out to the academy……. And the kidnap attempt of the Saintess!!! What do they want? You did a good job. Thanks for protecting the Saintess.

Actually, we've been receiving reports from all around the kingdom that suspicious groups are causing trouble. Thanks to them, the kingdom's in a mess. They haven't changed a bit…….

Ah, I hear that you've met with the Saintess escorts? They are one of the most trustworthy in the kingdom. I asked them to do a little investigation on recent events. They should be finished by now……. Why don't you go look for them? You already know who they are so……. Find Hans and tell him to be quick about his report."

……Well, you know the Saintess personally, so you could ask her. You can go anywhere with the Token of the Saintess. She's probably taking care of the children right now……. Go to the Circus Tent 7 o'clock of the city. I hear the children asked her to take them to the circus."



"They should be in Prontera by now……. They'll be around the cathedral."



So, you've met the Knight Commander?"

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