Part-time Job
RO ParttimeJobQuest
The breeding farm within the Alliance camp.
RO BreederTaab
RO BreederTaab
Prerequisites 50 Fresh Fish, 30 Brown Root, 30 Great Leaf, 20 Monster's Feed, 60 Pet Food, 50 Meat, 30 Fur
Level 70
Location Midgard Allied Forces Post
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
Onward to the Other World none


Offer to help Breeder Taab with a small job.


"Attention adventurers in the camp! I'm recruiting 5 part-timers for my breeding farm. Only the first to arrive here will be hired!"


  • You don't get to pick which job you want. If you arrive first, than you get the 1st Volunteer job; second gets the 2nd Volunteer job; and so on and so forth until the 5th player.
  • Each character can only fill up one of the five job slots available. One character cannot take all 5 jobs.
  • Fresh Fish, Pet Food, and Meat can all be bought from vendor NPCs.
  • This quest is repeatable.
    • You can repeat the quest again after 5 hours has passed since you last completed it.


EXP rewards vary:

  • 1st Volunteer
    • 8,000 Base EXP
    • 3,000 Job EXP
  • 2nd Volunteer
    • 9,000 Base EXP
    • 4,000 Job EXP
  • 3rd Volunteer
    • 8,000 Base EXP
    • 3,000 Job EXP
  • 4th Volunteer
    • 8,000 Base EXP
    • 3,000 Job EXP
  • 5th Volunteer
    • 8,000 Base EXP
    • 3,000 Job EXP


"I'm looking for a part-timer who can work for my breeding farm. If you're interested, please visit me at the farm!"


"The recruitment for my breeding farm has ended. I'll see you next time. Thanks!"

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