Ore Synthesis
RO OreSynthesisQuest
Inside the Lakeside Castle.
RO LaspuchinGregory
RO LaspuchinGregory
Prerequisites 8 (or 12) of 1 type of Elemental Stone
Level none
Location Amatsu
Rewards Items
Previous Next
none none


Bring elemental stones to Alchemist Laspuchin Gregory to turn into other elemental stones.


"Keekeekeekeheheh. This is amazing! The results are extraordinary!

Using my skills in this distant land was unexpected... Keheheh... The lord of the palace was quite accommodating.

Oops, I better be careful... If the guild finds out my location, stupid Myster will get mad at me. Hehehehkeh...

What? Wanna say something? If you are here for tourism, enjoy your day off, then go back to your hometown. Keekeekee... Or else, I wil let you taset my acid bottle...!

[Do you need help?]

Help, eh?... Now that I think about it... I need some items right now... Keeheeheekeehee...

Sir Laspuchin needs some enchanted stones for an experiment. I will use it efficiently...

Do you have them now?

[I got some.]"


  • Turning elemental stones into Rough Wind is more expensive. It will cost 12 Elemental Stones.
  • This is a repeatable quest.


  • Elemental stones


"Keheheh! You've chosen a good one! Use it well...

Bring me other stones if you have them!"

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