Monk Job Change
RO MonkJobQuest
At St. Capitolina Abbey.
RO Tohobu
RO SenseiMoohae
Prerequisites Must be a Acolyte
Level Job Level 40-50
Location Prontera
Rewards Job change to Monk
Previous Next
Job Change to Acolyte Champion Job Change
Sura Job Change


Advance from a Acolyte to a Monk


"Hmm... you wish to see our sensei Moohae? He is in the southeast section of this complex."




"Then your training is complete... Please come closer. We welcome you, <brother/sister>, in our holy battle against evil!

My <brother/sister>, your oath has been heard by all around us. I will now perform the ultimate techniques upon your body. I will use these ancient techniques to amplify your strength through the use of pressure points on your body. Close your eyes... and relax your body..."

You breath in deeply. You feel fingers poking you all over your body swiftly.

"Kiii~~ Yahahhhhhh!!! Oooohaaaa!!! Kiii~~ Yahahhhhhhhh!!! Haa~ Haa~ Haa~

Now open your eyes... and see life through the eyes of a Monk. You are a Monk. Heh...

Well... I guess I am too old to do that anymore... I was better when I was younger...

Anyways, you are a Monk now. Welcome! I hope that you will keep your vow. Continue training on your path and practice harder. Now you may leave where the wind may take you.

Oh, and I have a gift for you before you leave."

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