Marquise Lissur Anailuj
Start Lissur Anailuj
End Zeras Hyperion
Prerequisites none
Level 9
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Resolute Position none


Deliver Marquise Anailuj's message to Knight Commander Zeras Hyperion.


"So, you're <name>?

Guile's told me everything, that you took care of the ones who tried to kidnap the Saintess. I thank you on behalf of all the people of the kingdom.

Freyjanity……. We do not know what their intentions are with the Saintess, but striking back in hot blood could start a war we may regret…….

I heard you're well-acquainted with the Knight Commander. If you see him, could you deliver my message? My position is resolute and I ask him to reconsider his proposal to suppress the Freyjanity. ……I hope you become someone who could help me in times of need.

Until next time then."



"Still here?"


"The Marquise told you to tell me that? Hmm……. How long does she plan to just sit and watch……. She is the one who helped the late king to bring order to the kingdom during the event in which the nobles and the king had some opposes. She is excellent as a politician and a woman.

……However, her opinion is opposite to mine with the current issue. The king makes neutral decisions, but it will be difficult for even the king to ignore the Marquise.……. That's why we're sluggish with the Freyjanity issue."

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