Last Test
Start Night Watcher Rokponmatz
End Night Watcher Rokponmatz
Prerequisites none
Level 25
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Zeras' Approval none


Defeat the Traitor Mercenary and report to Night Watcher Rokponmatz.


"Look over there. The one captured over there was once one of us, but became a traitor after murdering one of our members for secret info for the Freyjanity!

Can you punish him with your skills? This is the last test. Give him his penalty."


  • If you wish to become a Rogue, talk to Rokponmatz again and select the Change Job button at the bottom.



"Damn. He ran away…

But he's wounded badly, so he won't have made it far. Though he was one of us, hurting another member is like hurting family!

Don't forget about what happened today and become a member of the Shadow Mercenaries who trusts his comrade. From now on, you are a proud member of the Shadow Mercenaries! All the members of the continent will help you when in need like family. Congratulations, <name>."

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