Job Change to Rebel
RO JobChangeToRebelQuest
Somewhere south of Morocc.
Start RO SuspiciousMan
End RO IvanSidorenko(quest)
Prerequisites Must be a Gunslinger, 5 Ironwork
Level Base 99
Job 50-70
Location Morocc
Rewards Job Change
Previous Next
Master Miller's Letter none


Advance from a Gunslinger to a Rebel.


"I've finally found you, Vagabond Spike! Your neck is mine!"

[Say what?]

"(snort) Don't pretend like you don't know. Look at this poster! You're in it!"

[I see the resemblance, but that's not me.]

<name>: "Forget the resemblance, where did you get that poster? I've never committed a crime."

"I knew you'd lie your way out. The Einbroch private pub has released that wanted poster. You have many bounty hunters like me on your heels. I don't care if you're the right one so long as you look the part and I can take you dead or alive."

[Make a run for it.]

He's not the only bounty hunter after me. If he's telling the truth, I need time to strategize.


  • You can collect multiple sets of the Ironwork since forging the Fading Flame can result in failure per attempt.
  • On iRO, players can receive a Drooping Gunslinger costume by returning to the boss room and speaking to the Race Manager NPC.



"Kulbertinov, Elwin, and I have evaluated your Rebel test results. And... you've met all our requirements, including the attitude and performance test.

That's right, you're now a member of the Rebellion. Get ready to be wowed.

And Elwin wants you to have this. Take good care of it. She made it for you.

See you later."

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