Cow Milking
RO HugelCowMilking
Kurupe's house and nearby barn.
RO Kurupe
RO Kurupe
Prerequisites 1 Rapier, 3 Concentration Potion
Level Base Level 50+
Location Hugel
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
none none


Help Kurupe out with his milk situation.


"Oh, no. What am I gonna do?! I need to deliver the milk tomorrow, but Burupu still hasn't arrived yet! When is he coming to work? Burupu, where are you?!

Could Burupu be hiding from me again? He's been wanting to ditch work more and more ever since he wanted to become a Swordsman. If only I could hire someone else...

Unfortunately, he's the only one I can find that can actually milk my cow, Booboo! If you can find Burupu for me, I'll be sure to pay you for your effort.


Thank you, you're a lifesaver! I need to get the milk delivered by tomorrow, so I really need Burupu back! You should be able to find him somewhere just outside of town."



One-Time Rewards

Repeatable Rewards


"Great! Now that you've milked Booboo, I can go and make my deliveries tomorrow! Here's a little something to eat as my way of saying 'thanks a lot.'

I always need someone to help me milk Booboo, especially when Burupu doesn't feel like doing it, so please come by and help me when you can!"

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