Get Rid of Bakonawa
RO GetRidOfBakonawaQuest
Somewhere in Port Malaya.
RO VillageChief
RO VillageChief
Prerequisites 17 Lost Belongings
Level 120
Location Malaya
Rewards Experience, Items, Dungeon Access
Previous Next
Rumor, Time and Legend none


Help the Village Chief track down missing people and put a stop to Bakonawa's rampage.


"I don't know what's the right decision; fight against Bakonawa or calm it by offering it a sacrificial gift.

Recently, there have been more people that have been harmed by Bakonawa. There are some missing villagers, but I can't find out if they are simply missing or if they have been killed by Bakonawa. I heard that the belongings of the missing people are being found in the fields around Baryo Mahiwaga. Please go to there to find lost belongings and give them to the families of the missing people. Lost belongings are said to be carried by Tiyanak that roams Baryo Mahiwaga."

[I'm on my way.]

"Let's start, then. First, retrieve two lost belongings from Tiyanak and take them to a missing person's father for me."


  • Players can be below 140 (at least 120) to begin the quest, but they must be 140 to enter the MVP area.
  • Each time you kill a Tiyanak, there's a chance of Lost Belongings to be added to your inventory. They are account bound. At this point it is advised that you hunt them one time. Total Lost Belongings that will be consumed are 17 pieces.
  • This quest is repeatable.
  • Do NOT Butterfly Wing out of the Instance! Instead, talk to the NPC near where you spawned in to receive 7 extra Ancient Charms per person in the Instance.


In Progress

"From Tiyanak that roams the fields near Baryo Mahiwaga, retrieve two lost belongings and deliver them to a missing person's father for me."


"It looks like the traps are all set up.

We just finished our village meeting on what to do about Bakonawa. We have concluded that we will fight against Bakonawa. Please help us by attacking his lair."

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