Excruciating Palm
RO ExcruciatingPalmQuest
Within the St. Capitolina Abbey grounds.
Start RO SeniorMonk
End RO SeniorMonk
Prerequisites Must be a Monk with Spiritual Bestowment, 20 Stems, 3 Shoots
Level none
Location Prontera
Rewards Skill
Previous Next
Spiritual Bestowment none


Learn how to use Excruciating Palm from a senior Monk.


"Have you come to learn Excruciating Palm? If only that were possible. There are two obstacles we face in fulfilling your request.

First, you must learn the Spiritual Bestowment skill beforehand. It will be difficult to get that Monk to teach it to you, if not outright impossible.

Secondly, you will need to pass my little test of strength, so that I can be assured that your body can endure the awesome power involved in using Excruciating Palm.

Mmm. I know that Mandragoras have been menacing travelers, so if you can prove to me that you've been hunting them, you will prove worthy of learning Excruciating Palm. If you can somehow convince that Monk to teach you how to perform Spiritual Bestowment, I shall then ask you to bring 20 Stems and 3 Shoots from hunting Mandragoras.

Of course, completing my test is meaningless if you do not first learn the Spiritual Bestowment skill. I wish you luck with that..."



"Anyway, keep practicing these principles and you'll master Excruciating Palm. You should definitely be able to do it since you've learned Spiritual Endowment.

Well, we've completed the lesson. I hope you use your new skills to fight for justice and combat evil.

Goodbye for now, my friend."

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