Dandelion's Request
RO MoroccBar
A nondescript bar in Morocc.
RO Valdes
RO Valdes
Prerequisites 1 Letter of Recommendation (unless you're an Assassin)
Level 60
Location Morocc
Rewards Experience, Items
Previous Next
none none


Mission A

Track down Raiyan Moore and locate the missing children that were taken from the Dandelion Organization's daycare.

Mission B

Protect your client from unknown assailants.


"Good, good, I've been waiting for you. Since our time is limited, I'll be brief. I'm the commanding officer for these two missions that the Assassins Guild has agreed to take.

Due to the nature of these missions and their objectives, we have decided to recruit help from outside. We recognize that Assassins may not be suited for some of these objectives.

The client for the first mission is the Dandelion Organization. If you accept, then you will work under Kidd and both of you will search and pursue a specified target.

The client for the other mission is an academic that has identified himself as "R." His credentials check out and it seems that all he has requested is special protection.

I'll be honest; both of our clients strike me as suspicious, but if working with them brings us closer to helping those lost children, we've got to take that chance. I hope you understand.

Will you work as a hunter for the Dandelion Organization or will you work as Mr. R's bodyguard? Please choose the client whose job best suits your skills and abilities before anything else."



"Ah, and before I forget, let me give you your fee for taking this mission. I thank you on behalf of the Assassins Guild for your effort and hard work. Technically, we failed to achieve our original mission objective, but I will notify your guild and tell them that you were instrumental in preventing a worldwide catastrophe."

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  • RO-minilogoEpisode 12 (2007 Oct. 17)
    • Quest removed for storyline consistency.
  • Patch (2006 Apr. 18)
    • In the quest "Dandelion's Request", NPCs that give quests to Ninja/Gunslinger are added to the airship.
  • Patch (2005 Oct. 05)
    • NPC illustrations will be added to the Quest: Dandelion's Request.

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