RO BioethicsQuest
Inside the Rekenber HQ.
Start RO Kellasus
End RO Kellasus
Prerequisites Must be an Alchemist Class, 1 Geek Glasses, 1 Grampa Beard
Level none
Location Lighthalzen
Rewards Skill
Previous Next
none none


Learn Bioethics from Kellasus.


"You're another practitioner of Alchemy, aren't you? It's been a long time since I've spoken to such a young colleague. As your elder colleague, I encourage you to focus on your training. Enlighten yourself and satisfy your curiosity by solving the riddles of science.

But heed my words... There are secrets of science that must never be discovered by normans. Do not be so proud as to seek out forbidden truths.

Good luck in your studies, and I hope you never use your search for answers as an excuse to give in to greed and obsession."



"Well, you should know enough by now to create and care for your own homunculus. I trust that you will be responsible in your search for discoveries that may benefit mankind.

Before we part ways, would you tell me your name?"

<name>: "My name is... <name>."

"Ah... <name>. I'll remember that.

Goodbye for now, and I hope that you make a great contribution to the world of Alchemy someday."

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