A Day of the Saintess
Start Hans Rapad
End Aione Oakley
Prerequisites none
Level 8
Location Prontera
Rewards Experience, Money
Previous Next
Reunion with Hans Knight Commander Zeras Hyperion


Go to the Circus Tent 7 o'clock of Prontera and meet Aione Oakley the Saintess.


"Oh, the hero of Bouquet Village has finally arrived! Ha ha ha!!

So, how was the road along the way? I trust a person of your skills shouldn't have any problems…… Am I right? Ha ha!

Anyhow, you're going to Prontera to meet the leader of the Knights? Hmm……. It won't be easy to meet him……. The situation of the Kingdom is uneasy because of the Freyjanity.

……Well, you know the Saintess personally, so you could ask her. You can go anywhere with the Token of the Saintess. She's probably taking care of the children right now……. Go to the Circus Tent 7 o'clock of the city. I hear the children asked her to take them to the circus."



"You'll find her at the Circus Tent, 7 o'clock of the city."


"Oh, <name>……

I cannot thank you enough about the incident at Bouquet Village.

So, what brings you here?"

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