Play Dead
RO PlayDead
Usable by
Job Class Novice
Type Active
Category Supportive
Levels 1
Cast Time none
Cooldown none
Other Information
Requirements Play Dead Quest
Hold Your Breath Quest

Play Dead puts the user into a "dead" state, in which all monsters will not be aggressive and players in PvP environments are unable to do damage. The user is unable to move or attack while in this state. There is no time limit for the duration in which a character plays dead.


  • Unlike other evasion skills (such as Hiding), no monsters are able to detect a player in Play Dead state, including MVPs.
  • Play Dead can be canceled by a Sage's Dispel or a Swordsman's Provoke.
  • Changing to any other class (including Super Novice) makes the skill unavailable upon relog/mapchange.
  • A player in Play Dead state can be damaged and killed by the Clown's Tarot Card of Fate skill.
  • AoE status skills like Hammer Fall, Venom Dust, wide Bleeding does effect players in the Play Dead state.
  • When affected by the Bleeding status it cancels the Play Dead state upon every HP drain.

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