Orc Village
Level 40 - 50
RO OrcVillage
A typical house in the village.
Type Village
Race Orc
Government Village
Rulers Orc Lord
Faiths unknown
Location south of Geffen

Orc Village is home to the tribal race of Orcs.


The village is surrounded by forests and dotted with numerous trees. It is sustained by a small lake towards the east and an ocean towards the west.

Points of Interest


All residents of the Orc Village are of the orc race.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Orcs have apparently gone to war with Normans, although the reasons as to why are unknown.[1]

A long time ago, an orc name Kruger sired a daughter name Cargalache. He loved her very much and took very good care of her. She eventually became a Shaman, but something happened that caused her to become corrupted. She used her shamanic powers to take control of the orcs in her tribe, removing their free will. She organized her own personal army and even used some of her fellow orcs as sacrifices for her rituals.[2]

A few managed to escape her grasp and among them was her father. He went searching for help and came across someone (highly likely an orc from another tribe) whom he requested to assassinate the shaman (without telling him/her who the shaman really was). The individual agreed and Kruger made plans to meet him/her at the gates of his village. Unfortunately his plans were discovered by Cargalache (probably after taking control of the free orcs that were helping Kruger out) and she sent the Chief Orc of Safeguards after her father and the assassin he hired. Kruger and the assassin were able to evade Cargalache's forces stealthily and eventually encountered Cargalache herself. A battle ensued and Cargalache was killed. After the deed was done, the assassin sought out Kruger who is discovered to have received fatal wounds from the battle. As he laid dying, Kruger revealed that the shaman was his own flesh and blood and that he hopes her death has finally freed her from the nightmare she had become. Before he could say anything more, he died peacefully.[3]



  • RO-minilogo Renewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Orc Village was modified to a 40 - 50 zone. This area was originally a level 25 - 60 zone.
    • West Orc Village (Geffen Field 14) was removed due to lack of player usage. Orc Village originally encompassed Geffen Field 10 and 14.

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