Orc Dungeon
Level 50 - 80
RO OrcDungeon
The only house that leads to the dungeon.
Race Orc
Affiliation Orc Village
Location Within Orc Village
Technical Name(s) orcsdun01, orcsdun02

Orc Dungeon is an underground cave system that seems to have been last line of defense for the Orc Tribe. Reanimated Orc Skeletons and Orc Zombies haunt the area as well as Zenorc.


Sourced from iRO Dungeon Maps


  • RO-minilogo Renewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Orc Dungeon was modified to a 50 - 80 zone to fit with the new level cap of 150. This area was originally a level 25 - 50 zone.

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