Mystical Amplification
RO MysticalAmplification
Usable by
Job Class High Wizard
Type Active
Category Buff
Levels 10
Cast Time 0.75 seconds
Cooldown Animation
Other Information
Requirements none

Mystical Amplification amplifies the magic attack strength of a skill for 30 seconds. (5% * level of Amp)

RO MysticalAmplificationIcon


  • The first skill cast after using Mystical Amplification uses the amplification. This includes non-attack skills such as Heal and Energy Coat.
  • The amplified magic attack strength applies to ALL active spells, from the beginning of the cast of the Amplified skill.
  • The effect of Mystical Amplification ends immediately upon the start of the cast of a skill following the amplified spell's cast. When this happens, all active spells lose their amplification.
  • Because of the nature of this spell, when using vertical Fire Wall to kill mobs of enemies, you should only cast Mystical Amplification before casting the spell you wish to use to kill the mob. Using Mystical Amplification between casts of Fire Wall will only drain SP. However, any active Fire Wall will receive the benefits of the Mystical Amplification skill, subject to the above rules.
  • While under the effects of Poem of Bragi, if casting a spell with a duration like Storm Gust, Lord of Vermilion, or Meteor Storm, using a pattern of SG-MA-SG, rather than MA-SG-MA-SG, will result in similar damage while using less SP.

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  • Patch (2016 Apr. 20)
    • Modified [High Wizard] skill [Mystical Amplification]'s description:
      • Before: Increases MATK for the next skill.
      • After: Increases MATK for the next pure magic attack skill.