Level none
RO Moscovia
Type Island
Race Norman
Government Tsarism
Rulers Tsar Aleksey III
Faiths unknown
Location Across the ocean from Rune-Midgarts

Moskovia is a small rustic town filled with unassuming people who greet you warmly.[1]

On iRO, this place is spelled as Moscovia.


Moskovia is a large island with a small fishing wharf.

Points of Interest


RO MoskoviaMap

World map of Moskovia as seen in RO.

Moskovia follows a tsarist autocracy system of government, in which all power and wealth is controlled (and distributed) by the tsar (supreme ruler).


All quests in Moskovia require the completion of the Find the Moving Island quest.


  • Muscovy (also Moscovia, Moscovie, Moskovia) is a historical European term for the Principality of Moscow and the Grand Duchy of Moscow.[2]


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