RO Morriphen
Morriphen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class unknown occupation (current)
Scientist (former)
Race Norman
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon none
Family Siria (wife)
Friends Dono, Makkie
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Morriphen is a rather sick man working in the Blacksmith Guild's headquarters in Einbroch. He has a wife waiting for him in Hugel where they both live.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

While working in the Blacksmith Guild building one day, Morriphen encounters an adventurer passing through. Assuming that the adventurer was a guildmember, he immediately becomes anxious and tells the adventurer that he/she was too early to pick up what they came for. He suddenly begins coughing violently, expelling blood from his mouth. The adventurer is instantly concerned for his well-being, but Morriphen assures the adventurer that he was fine. After the adventurer firmly insists on helping him out, Morriphen caves in and asks the adventurer to pick up some medicine from his wife Siria at their home in Hugel.

Some time passes before Morriphen eventually passes out at his workplace. He was then awaken to the same adventurer administering his medicine. Morriphen thanks the adventurer, but drops his heart upon hearing about his wife not feeling well either. He presses the adventurer to quickly administer the medicine to his wife before it was too late. The adventurer leaves and Morriphen is left anxiously hoping that he/she would get to his wife in time.

The adventurer returns later but before he/she could say a word, Morriphen immediately begins to demand what became of his wife. He starts out depressive and then quickly changes to violent and then back to normal in his rant. When he finally lets the adventurer have a word in, he/she tells him that his wife is fine and that he should go visit her more often. It is then when he graciously thanks the adventurer for saving both his wife and himself and offers himself up for a lifetime of servitude. The adventurer awkwardly refuses, but wishes to know more about him and his supposed wife and how they're related to Dono. Morriphen sighs before beginning his life's story...

Morriphen and Dono have been close friends since childhood. When they grew up and started their careers, both decided to work for the Rekenber Corporation. Morriphen headed projects for Rekenber's Weapon Research, working on mass-producing imitations of Executioner. (They wouldn't be perfect copies, but they'd still be effective nonetheless.) Dono became head of Genetic Engineering Department and was put in charge of Rekenber's Medical Experimental Research; Makkie worked under Dono.

One day, Morriphen saw a woman floating in a test tube in Dono's office. Despite Dono's insistence that she was nothing more than an experiment, Morriphen fell in love with her. He did all he could to visit her at any opportunity during his time at Rekenber.

Some time later, news came that Dono's research wasn't producing expected results and everything in his department was to be shut down and all experiments disposed. This included the mysterious woman that Morriphen fell in love with. Distraught with the woman's destruction, Morriphen set about to rescue her from her tragic fate. During a snowstorm that night, he snuck into the Rekenber laboratory, broke the woman out of her test tube, and set the lab on fire to cover their escape. After the incident, Dono assumed full responsibility even though everyone knew he didn't do it. He, Makkie, and everyone in the Genetic Engineering Department were subsequently fired. (Dono later helped Makkie get his job at the bar in the Lighthalzen slums.)

Morriphen ran to the mountains with the woman on his back. He went as far as he could until he became dizzy and blacked out. But before he fell unconscious, a tall robed man appeared before them and said that he would bring the two of them to Hugel where they could start a new life together. Morriphen couldn't see his face because it was obscured by a hood. (He recalled the name as being Mawon or Mawong.) When they next awoke, they were lying in warm beds within Hugel. The woman didn't know how to speak then so when Morriphen got better, he taught the woman the Common language and gave her the name Siria.

Morriphen had to make a living for the two of them to continue living in Hugel and found work in Einbroch and Lighthalzen. It was there in Lighthalzen where he encountered Dono inside an herb shop. He told Dono about the fire and he seemed to understand, a testament to their enduring friendship.

It is revealed that during the escape, Morriphen was exposed to chemicals in the fire and now is dependent on Dono and Makkie's medicine. The true purpose of Dono's experiment was to create a weapon of mass destruction. Dono's experiment on Siria failed because she resisted Rekenber's plans and became more than just an experimental weapon. If everything had worked out as planned, Siria would be a soldier and Morriphen would be supplying her armaments and the latest weapons; they would've all been rich beyond their wildest dreams. (Rekenber's biggest customer was Arunafeltz.)

Morriphen does not regret what he had done, but doesn't know about Dono as work was Dono's life.[1]