Layla Mitchell
RO LaylaMitchell
Layla's sprite.
Gender Female
Job Class Detective
Race Norman
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon unknown
Family unknown
Friends unknown
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)
Layla Mitchell is a detective that works for the Republic of Schwarzwald. She has been actively investigating about Kiel Hyre and works with an accomplice who works in the Kiel Hyre Mansion in Lighthalzen.

On iRO, this character is localized as Mitchell Layla.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Layla had been spying on Kiel Hyre at his mansion for a while. When she notices a random adventurer going into the mansion, she becomes suspicious and waits for the adventurer to leave the mansion before knocking him/her out cold. When the adventurer awakens later, Layla introduces herself and explains what she had been doing. She reveals that recently Kiel Jr. held a secret meeting with Rekenber Corporation executives to announce a project that would replace Guardians with advanced humanoid robots. However, Kiel Sr. and Ellisia were nowhere to be seen at the meeting. When she forces the adventurer to reveal what he/she knew, Layla decides to recruit the adventurer after discovering that the adventurer is only involved due to the girl named Elly. She briefs the adventurer on his/her new mission to find out more about a Juno woman name Ellisia and see what's the connection between her and Kiel Sr.'s secretary.

The adventurer returns to Layla some time later and reports everything he/she found out. Layla is pleased and tells the adventurer to confront Kiel Sr. about his/her findings to confirm them. When the adventurer leaves, Layla gathers up four policemen to assist her and heads to Kiel Jr.'s main facility to arrest him for the production and trading of illegal weapons. Layla and the police were easily subdued by Kiel Jr., but Kiel Jr. was eventually defeated by the adventurer after a short duel. Afterwards, another Kiel Jr. emerges, introducing himself as a Fourth Generation robot and reveals that Layla's assistant in the investigation, Wolkeus Kaiser, actually works for Kiel Jr. himself. The revelation comes as a shock to Layla, as it was a plan years in the making.

Layla was last seen "escorted" by Kaiser out of Kiel Jr.'s main facility.[1]

Memorable Quotes

  • When introducing herself to the adventurer:

"I'm Agent Layla Mitchell. From here on, you're working for the Republic of Schwarzwald!"

  • When the adventurer talks to her after being briefed:

"Take your time... But keep in mind that I'm not a patient woman!"