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Asgard - Home of the Aesir

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Svartalfaheim - Home of Dwarves
Muspelheim - Realm of Fire
Niflheim - Realm of Ice

Hel - Realm of the Dead

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The Rune-Midgarts Times
Title Author Date
Available Job Classes on Ragnarok Mobile: Eternal Guardians of Love ZeroTigress 2016 January 08
WarpPortal Servers Move ZeroTigress 2015 November 15
Russia RO (ruRO) Shutting Down ZeroTigress 2015 October 23
Major RO Update: New Playable Race and Continent? ZeroTigress 2015 September 30
New RO Mobile Game Announced ZeroTigress 2015 July 28


The Schwarzwald Gazette
Title Author Date
Temporary Removal of Twitter Widgets ZeroTigress 2016 January 24
Forum Cleanup ZeroTigress 2016 January 05
Card Album Revamp ZeroTigress 2015 November 15
Timezone Widgets Down ZeroTigress 2015 November 07
Dealing With Spoilers ZeroTigress 2015 October 19


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