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Ragnarok manhwa3
Loki on the cover of Volume 3.
Gender Male
Job Class Assassin Cross
Race Norman
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Main Weapon Sword of Shadows (dagger)
Family unknown
Friends Chaos, Iris Irine, Fenris Fenrir
First Appearance Volume 2 (Ragnarok)
Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)
I just cannot understand such foolish behavior.


Loki is the most powerful member of the Assassins Guild and one of the seven Assassins of the Cross. He is apparently totally devoid of emotions (though there is some debate on this topic) and has a hard time fathoming them in others.


Loki's Sword of Shadows has the ability to become a sort of hook-shot, allowing him to latch onto rough surfaces and swing to unreachable places or dodge attacks. It can also be thrown like a normal dagger.

He wields "The Might" ("Cosmic Energy" in the English release), the most powerful form of magic in the world, and has been described as "the one who is norman and not."


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.
Loki is first seen scouting a castle in the town of Morocc. He and several other assassins noticed that groups of children were seen going into the castle and not coming out for about a year. Suspecting dark intentions, Loki and the assassins infiltrate the castle in the dead of night.
Loki assassin team

Loki and his team of assassins. From left to right: Hajatu, Mustafa, Ibraham, Taulin, and Loki himself.

Loki and his fellow assassins soon discover that the castle lord has been sacrificing children in an attempt to free Surt from his prison. They manage to save whatever children were left, but not before the castle lord reveals himself as a minion of Surt. A tough battle ensues in which Loki and his assassins were victorious.[1]

After Surt broke free from his prison, Loki entered a Dimensional Gap to find one of Yggdrasil's guardians. He ended up in the Forest of Mist where he met up with a wandering adventurer. After introducing himself, he asks the adventurer for help looking for the guardian as he was having trouble tracking the guardian down. He disappeared and eventually comes upon the guardian Nidhoggr already knocked out by the adventurer he met earlier. He thanked the adventurer for calming the dragon down and said to meet him in Mora later while he waited for Nidhoggr to wake up.

After Nidhoggr woke up, Loki takes her to Mora where he and the dragon met up with the adventurer one last time. They explain to the adventurer why Surt broke free and why Nidhoggr had gone mad. At the end of it, Loki took off his muffler and handed it to the adventurer.[2]

Loki had never even been wounded twice in combat before encountering Chaos. When the Assassins Guild was almost totally destroyed by Sakray (who had framed the act on Chaos), Loki hunted Chaos down in Prontera and attacked him. The ensuing fight caused so much damage to the surrounding area that the knights of Prontera stepped in to arrest them all. Not one to surrender so easily, Loki was quick to dash away.[3]

When Himmelmez commenced her attack on Prontera, Loki took it upon himself to retrieve Chaos, Iris, and Fenris' weapons and break them out of the Prontera castle dungeon. He teams up with Chaos to take down the invading hordes of undead and eventually face off against Himmelmez herself. Even though the two of them managed to defeat the valkyrie, they were unable to kill her as Sarah swooped in to deliver the final blow herself.

After recovering from the battle of Prontera, Loki joins Chaos and the others aboard an airship destined for Juno. On the way, they were attacked by Arkana and wyverns, causing them to crash land near Geffen. He was separated from Chaos and Fenris and takes it upon himself to lead Iris and newcomer Lidia to Geffen. There, they were reunited with the others and decide to enjoy the Magic Festival taking place. When Lidia discovers the portal to Alfheim, he follows her and Reina through it, unknowingly leading Viceroy Hellmod to the very place he sought. A battle ensues and Loki is forced to face off against another fellow Assassin of the Cross.

(As Lee Myung-jin stopped working on the manhwa, it is unknown what will become of Loki.)



  • Lee Myung-jin designated Loki's hair as black for both the manhwa and Ragnarok Online. Strangely enough, in an artwork he drew for the manhwa, he switched the color of Loki's hair with his bone armor, making it so Loki's hair is blue while his armor is black. This mix-up has caused some members of the Ragnarok community to believe Loki's hair is blue, when it is black in the Ragnarok canon.
  • Loki's mask is obtainable in Ragnarok Online as Loki's Assassin Mask. A reference to the fact he's never seen wearing his mask again in the manhwa, thus the assumption that he has since abandoned it.
  • His name is taken from the Norse mischief god Loki. Although his character seems far different from the Norse god Loki.


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