Ledger of Death
RO LedgerOfDeath
The weapon's info window.
Type Book
Level 4
Effects 137 ATK
100 MATK
-20 LUK
Adds a 0.1% chance of inflicting Coma on [Demi-Human] type targets when doing a physical attack.
If used by a Sage job type, adds a 2% chance of using [Hel's Judgment] Lv. 5 on the target when doing a physical attack.
Weight 100
Source Beelzebub
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell 10 Zeny

These books are used by demons to kill the living by writing their names in the pages, and a few of these were lost and ended up in norman hands. The last name "Hollg--" looks like it wasn't completed. Maybe the demon changed his mind?


  • Base Level 85
  • Priest Class, Sage Class

Refine Bonuses

Each upgrade gives ASPD +1%.


  • The Ledger of Death is a reference to the Death Notebook from the Death Note franchise.

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