Kyrie Eleison
RO KyrieEleison
Usable by
Job Class Priest, High Priest
Type Active
Category Supportive
Levels 10 (Selectable)
Cast Time 2 seconds
Cooldown 2 seconds
Other Information
Requirements Angelus Lv. 2

Kyrie Eleison creates a barrier on the target that protects from physical attacks. The amount of damage the barrier will block is affected by the Max HP of the target:

MaxHPofTarget*(10% + 2%*Skill Level)
The barrier only lasts for a certain number of attacks or until the amount of damage the barrier will block is exceeded. Attacks which miss, or are Lucky Dodged will not reduce the number of hits the barrier can take.

RO KyrieEleisonIcon


  • This skill cancels Assumptio when used on another player.
  • Holy Light will immediately cancel the barrier on the targeted player.

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