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For the character from the animation, see Abysmal Knight (anime).
Knight of Abyss
RO KnightOfAbyss
Class Normal
Level 122
Size Large
Type Demi-Human
Element Shadow
Natural Habitat Glastheim

Knight of Abyss is a a knight that has served the owner of the legendary maze. It's very powerful, merciless.[1]

On iRO, this monster is localized as Abysmal Knight.


The Knight of Abyss was the most powerful Demi-Human monster who happened to be inhabiting Glastheim serving Dark Lord.

He was also powerful as he said to have taken down numerous adventurers in the past. The Knight of Abyss was a dark knight who was seen riding on his black-colored horse. He is wearing a nightmarish helmet, a gray cape, and the dark armors that fitted on his body.

The Knight of Abyss is a fearsome monster as he is said to be roaming around Glastheim, taking down on those who dared to venture into this place. In addition, the blade of his sword which was called "Blade Lost in Darkness" can caused even the purest person to turned evil when he or she was stabbed.

Though in the past Knight of Abyss is somewhat a group of honourable protector, or known as the White Knight - as the record states. The white knight served Glastheim to the very last. It is said that the white knight lost himself to the curse and was turned into Knight of Abyss when the valkyrie Himmelmez invaded the Glastheim Castle.[2]



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  • RO-minilogoRenewal Update (2009 Jun. 17)
    • Level raised from 79 to 122
    • 36,140 HP lowered to 23,297 HP

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