Kain Himere
RO KainHimere
Kain on the domestic Airship.
Gender Male
Job Class Airship Crewman
Race Norman
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon unknown
Family Rashelle Himere (wife)
Tarsha Cherno (daughter)
Elle Cherno (granddaughter)
Theo Cherno (son-in-law)
Friends unknown
First Appearance Episode 10 (Ragnarok Online)

Kain Himere is a crewman on the domestic Airship. He was once a miner living in Einbech with his family, but had to quit mining after an accident cost him his job.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

A long time ago, Kain worked in the Einbech Mines with his fellow miner friends, harvesting ores to contribute to Einbech's economy. He loved his job and was very passionate about his work.

Then suddenly, factories began popping up all over the area, driving many miners to become factory workers. Slowly but surely, Einbech's mines became emptier and emptier of miners. Despite that, Kain continued to work in the mines.

One day, an accident at the mines resulted in Kain's right arm becoming partly paralyzed, disabling his ability to work in the mines. He had no choice but to quit the work he loved so much.

In his despair, he began to visit the Einbech tavern more and more often, leaving his wife Rashelle alone to care for their only daughter Tarsha. Unbeknownst to him, his wife had contracted an illness and was slowly dying. She eventually passed away, leaving him alone to raise their daughter.

Soon after, Kain realized that he couldn't find suitable work in Einbech to support both himself and his daughter and decided to leave her with a neighbor while he went out to look for work. Before long, 20 years has passed and Kain has found work on board the domestic airship as a crewman. In time, his memory of his family slowly degraded, to the point where he doesn't remember his daughter's name.

Then one day, he encounters a curious adventurer who continuously inquires him about the airship. During the conversation, he breaks down into tears and begins to sob in front of the adventurer. The adventurer asks him what was wrong, prompting him to relay the tale of his plight. But his plight is soon forgotten when he asks the adventurer where he/she was going. The adventurer replies that he/she was heading to Einbroch, giving Kain the opportunity to request the delivery of a package to one Defru Ark who should be at the Einbroch Hotel.

The adventurer later returns to Kain with the package, saying that the recipient was nowhere to be found. Kain is disappointed, but is then surprised when the adventurer notes that a little girl knows the "Miner's Song." Kain delves into the significance of the song, causing the adventurer to inquire as to whether or not the little girl's mother could be the daughter that he has been searching for. Kain explains that the only way for him to know if the girls' mother is his daughter is to seek out a journal that his wife used to keep record of their life together. The adventurer then leaves to find the journal.

Some time passes before the adventurer returns with news that he/she has found Kain's daughter and that she is happily married and living in Einbroch. Kain is overjoyed to hear that his daughter holds no ill will towards him after all these years and resolves to visit them at his earliest convenience. He gratefully thanks the adventurer for taking the time to help him reunite with his family.[1]

Rashelle's Journal

Date: OX OX
I'm sooo happy to be with Kain. He's such an honest, sincere man, even if he is quiet sometimes.

Although he's a very good husband to me, I'm not so good at being a housewife. But I'll do my very best for us both.

Date: OX OX
I fell asleep while fixing dinner and burned all the food. How can I be so careless? But Kain ate every bite, even if he had to pretend that he liked it.

Date: OX OX
Kain and I will be having a child soon! I'm so happy, but I'm also a little worried sometimes. Kain is all smiles though, and he gives me relief.

Date: OX OX
More people have been leaving the mines to work for the new factories, many of them Kain's friends. I think Kain's pride was pretty hurt. I wonder how I can help him.

Date: OX OX
Kain and I are now the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. We named her Tarsha and she has her father's eyes. I'm going to be the best mother that I can possibly be for her.

Date: OX OX
Tarsha called me "Mommy" for the first time! It's a miracle! I want nothing else in the world but for her to be happy and healthy.

Date: OX OX
Kain got into an accident at the mine. While they were digging ores, toxic gas was released somehow. It wasn't lethal, but Kain's arm has been partly paralyzed...

When the doctor said that it may even affect his memories later, he became so depressed. I tried to make him feel better by making his favorite soup. He smiled, but I could tell... I could tell he's not alright with this. I hope he feels better soon. His despair is at least as great as his passion for his job.

Date: OX OX
Kain's drinking is getting worse. He comes home too often screaming and yelling. There's too much anger in him and he's not the same anymore...

Date: OX OX
Tarsha got her hand scalded from boiling water while playing in the kitchen. Although she was treated, she'll always have that burn mark.

After we got home from the doctor's, Tarsha laughed and played with her doll as if nothing ever happened. But for some reason, I couldn't stop myself from crying...

Date: OX OX
Kain comes home less nowadays. I've had to start working in the store after we spent all of our savings. It's tough working and taking care of the family.

Still, it's all worth it to see Tarsha's smile. But I can never stop worrying about my poor, dear Kain...

Date: OX OX
Everyday, I feel weaker and weaker, as if I die just a little more each day. I wanted to tell Kain about what the doctor said, but he's not ready for the news yet...

Lately, Tarsha cries a lot. My poor baby loves her father, but he's always so distant. But sometimes, I see him sadly smile for Tarsha, if only for a moment.