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Gender Female
Job Class Hunter
Race Norman
Voice Actor/Actress Minako Arakawa (Japanese)
Caitlin Glass (English)
First Appearance Episode ??
Family  ??
Friends  ??

Judia is a hunter; her bow skills aren't that good at first, but after a chance encounter with Iruga, she improves a great deal. She can also read tarot cards. She falls in love

with Iruga and comes to understand what he's trying to do in fighting Keough as he is. When she teams up with Roan's group, she gets jealous after Yufa holds his hand and keeps calling him "Big Brother Iruga". By the end of the anime, she has Iruga's child which was the product of giving her life force to Iruga when he was injured with a sword which is enchanted with poison (can be seen in the end of episode 17 and the beginning of episode 18).

In the Japanese version she speaks with a Kansai accent; in the Philippine version she speaks in the Bisaya accent, while in English version; she speaks Southern American or Texas English.

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