RO2 Jacob
Dr. Jacob in RO2.
Gender Male
Job Class Scientist
Race Norman
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon unknown
Family Rotner (son)
Friends Grupaz
First Appearance Episode 1 (Ragnarok Online II)

Jacob, or Dr. Jacob, is a mad scientist who seems to have connections with the Rune-Midgartsian children that were kidnapped by members of the Freyjanity 10 years ago.

He is apparently familiar with Eremes Guile.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Years ago, Jacob was abducted by members of the Freyjanity to perform experiments for them involving fusing the power of Ymir's Heart into living creatures. The first experiments created chimeras of Norman and animal DNA, which resulted in Maya. Unfortunately, Maya escapes from the laboratory and puts an end to that project.

The next experiments fused pieces of Ymir's Heart directing into Norman children that were taken from all over the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. Although Jacob and Freyjanity manage to succeed in enhancing some of the children with the power of Ymir, the Prontera Knightage raided the laboratory before the Frejanity could enjoy the fruits of their labor. In the chaos and confusion, Jacob managed to escape the laboratory with two wolves infused with pieces of Ymir's Heart.

Once the Frejyanity caught wind of Jacob's escape and theft, they punished him by slaughtering his family. Overwhelmed with grief, Jacob is driven into madness and remains mentally unstable for years to come. He eventually retires to a cottage near Carrot Village.

About 10 years later, Jacob encounters a young adventurer who happened to be one of the children that Jacob had experimented on in the past. (Neither remembered the other so no animosity came about.) The adventurer inquires Jacob about why the Rackufs in the area have begun to behave so oddly, to which Jacob nervously wonders if he's being accused of having something to do with them. He then quickly changes the subject to food as he was feeling rather hungry.

Jacob later explains that the Rackufs were possibly behaving oddly due to either disease or because the alpha is upset. He then implores the adventurer to seek out clues as to what may have angered the alpha. The adventurer later returns with a book, which causes Jacob to become alarmed as it was a scripture belonging to the Freyjanity. He then tells the adventurer to seek out and defeat the Frejyans responsible for upsetting the alpha in the area.

Once the adventurer leaves, Jacob quickly runs away from his cottage out of fear of the Freyjanity tracking him down to finish what they started. He encounters the adventurer again after some time and asks him/her to capture a special racing Peco Peco for him. With the racing Peco Peco Jacob flees the area, but not before Eremes Guile comes to bid him farewell.

Some time later, Jacob encounters the adventurer again while researching in the Maple Forest. He helps cure guard John's poison and sends the adventurer on his/her way. Jacob later helps save a woman name Sejanne from Frejanity members in Maple Village. He then encounters the adventurer again and asks him/her to save Sejanne's pet Freki, who was taken by the Frejanity. The adventurer returns with Freki, whom Jacob immediately recognized as a possible offspring of an alpha Rackuf name Red Scar. Jacob warns Sejanne that Freki will follow in his father's footsteps and will turn on her eventually.