Izlude Arena
Level 1 - 99
RO IzludeArena
The original Izlude Arena entrance.
Race Norman
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Location Izlude
Technical Name(s) arena_room

King Tristan Gaebolg III built the Izlude Arena to promote professionals throughout the nation. Even now, many skilled adventurers gather here to show off their talents.[1] It is located in the northern part of Izlude.

Arena Modes

RO IzludeArena2

The arena's atrium.

There are 3 modes that players can participate in within the arena:
  • Individual mode - places the player against a set list of monsters.
  • Party mode - places a five person party against a set list of monsters.
  • Personal Force mode - is restricted to Acolytes and Priests and places the player against a set list of monsters that can be killed with Acolyte or Priest skills. The majority of these monsters are of the Undead element.

In all modes, players are given an objective when they enter a room which they must accomplish in order to continue to the next room. Sometimes all monsters must be defeated to advance; sometimes only a few. Still other times the player only needs to run to the exit on the other side of the room.

Experience is not awarded for successfully defeating monsters in the Arena and most Arena monsters do not drop items either. Note, however, that experience is not lost if one dies in the Arena.[2]

Arena Rewards

Arena points are prizes awarded for participating in the Arena. 20 points are awarded upon the successful completion of a course. 1 point is awarded as a participation prize if the player fails for any reason. Aldebaran Turbo Track Points may also be converted into Arena Points. Points may be exchanged for various consumable items or base EXP. To be transported to the exchange room, talk to the Teleporter (arena_room: 106, 93). This is also who you need to speak to if you wish to convert Turbo Track Points to Arena Points.

For 40 Arena Points a player can receive some Base EXP.

The player may also use 10 Arena Points to summon an NPC version of a number of different MVP bosses and other noteworthy game characters which will use a series of emoticons which you may take screenshots of.[3]

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