Level none
RO HugelConcept
The small town of Hugel.
Type Town
Race Norman
Government Republic
Rulers unknown
Faiths unknown
Location Schwarzwald Republic

“No one asked anyone where they came from, what they did, and how they got here...”

However, Hugel is now the eye of the storm. As pursuers who seek Odin Shrine’s relics, Gigantes, and Ymir’s Heart appeared, and the airship route opened, Hugel’s peace and isolation has come to the end. People in Hugel, especially ones who left their hometown for specific reasons, are now desperate to hide their secrets from the outsiders. So they started holding parties with others more often than used to be, in order to keep their secrets…


Hugel is the "Garden City," located in the upper north east of the Schwarzwald Republic. It is home to the Hunter Guild.

Points of Interest




  • Hugel is the diminutive of Old High German houg, meaning "hill."


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