RO2 Hohenheim
Hohenheim as a guardian in RO2.
Gender Male
Job Class Alchemist
Race Norman (former)
Guardian (current)
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon unknown
Family unknown
Friends unknown
First Appearance Episode 1 (Ragnarok Online II)

Hohenheim was a famous Norman Alchemist who was the third headmaster of the Magic Academy in the City of Magic, Juno. He was the one who created the education structure of the previously little-known alchemy and brought it up to the regular class level of magic studies. He was killed during the Day of Despair and revived as a Guardian in the Neu Age.


Hohenheim was originally planned to provide Alchemist players with certain abilities. He was planned to increase the summoner's magic defense and allows the usage of exclusive skills such as "Acid Terror," which delivers powerful melee and magic damage at the same time.[1]


One day, Hohenheim suddenly disappears, leaving behind his great accomplishments. It was most unexpected, even for Hohenheim himself. The last alchemy study he researched was the fusion of Norman and demon. Hohenheim obtained the corpse of Baphomet, the demon that shook the entire world in fear, and attempted the fusion of the demon to himself. He wanted to combine the great magic powers of Baphomet into a Norman body and create a new Norman race.

The experiment preparations and the perfect alchemy formula were set. Everything seemed to be going well, but the result of the experiment was devastating. Instead of fusing both bodies, Hohenheim's soul was merged into Baphomet's body. Losing his rationality at the unexpected result, Hohenheim fled into the Geffen forest to escape the Magic Academy researchers. He was filled with endless frustration.

"If I could revise the formula just a little bit more, just a bit, the alchemy would've succeeded..."

Secluded in the forest to continue his research, he silently meets the Day of Despair unbeknownst to others.[2]


  • Philip von Hohenheim, later known as Paracelsus, was a Swiss German philosopher, physician, botanist, astrologer, and general occultist. He made many contributions to medicine and is credited as the founder of toxicology.[3]