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Guilds are organizations made up of many adventurers. Every guild is controlled by a single guildleader, who determines how spoils are shared amongst the guildmembers. Adventurers will transfer to many guilds over the course of their journey.

Guild names are denoted in brackets next to a character's name if it's in a guild.

Lore Guilds

Most battle jobs have their own guilds which distinguishes the role they play within the world of Ragnarök. Some lore guilds are more detailed than others in regards to their history and role in the game's many storylines.

Player-Made Guilds

RO GuildWindow

The Guild window in RO.

Ragnarok Online
In order to create a guild in Ragnarok Online, the future guildleader must obtain an item called an Emperium. (When you use an Emperium to create a guild, you will not be able to get one back if you decide to disband the guild.)

If you have obtained an Emperium and have it on the character you want to make the guild on, create a guild by typing:

/guild "guild name"

The character you made the guild on is now the guildleader. Once you have made a guild, the name and who leads it cannot be changed. (Unless there's something that goes against the TOS, in which case Gravity may either change the name and ask you to come up with a new one or disband it.)

Once created, the guildleader can start inviting people into the guild and gain access to guild-exclusive skills. Only player-made guilds can participate in War of Emperium.

  • Guild Levels - A guild has a maximum level of 50. In order to level up a guild, the guildleader must tax the EXP earnings of its guildmembers.
  • Guild Membership - When newly created, the guildleader can only add a maximum of 16 members. This limit can be increased to 56 members by leveling up the appropriate guild skill.

To invite a player into your guild, you must first have invitation rights from the guildleader (or be a guildleader yourself). Once you gain invitation rights, you can right-click the player and choose Invite <name> into guild. Alternatively, you can also use a text command to invite a player into the guild:

/ginvite "character name"

Guilds in RO are able to form Alliances with each other. Players in allied guilds would be treated as if they are part of the same guild. In contrast, guilds can become official rivals by adding them as Antagonists. Antagonistic guilds can attack each other outside of PVP and WoE. Currently, guildleaders cannot add guilds to their Antagonist list because the feature does not work.

Members of the same guild who are logged on can see where guildmembers are on the world map (Ctrl + ~). Guildmembers are denoted by the pink triangles on the world map.

RO2 GuildWindow

The Guild window in RO2.

Ragnarok Online II
To create a guild in Ragnarok Online II, the future guildleader must be at least Base Level 10 and pay a fee of 20 Zeny to a Guild Manager.

Overall, guilds in RO2 work similarly to those in RO in that they are leveled up by having guildmembers donate EXP earnings. The most significant difference between a RO guild and a RO2 guild is that RO2 guilds have the ability to transfer guild leadership to other members of a guild if the current guildleader decides to step down. (Unlike RO where guilds have to be disbanded and remade in order to transfer leadership.)


Guilds in both RO and RO2 have special skills that can only be activated by the guildleader. These skills help to support the guild on and off the battlefield.

Ragnarok Online

RO Approval Approval RO KafraContract Kafra Contract
RO GuardianResearch Guardian Research RO Charisma Charisma
RO GuildExtension Guild Extension RO WoundsOfGlory Wounds of Glory
RO GuildsGlory Guild's Glory RO GreatLeadership Great Leadership
RO AbsoluteDevelopment Absolute Development RO SoulOfCold Soul of Cold
RO SharpHawkEyes Sharp Hawk Eyes RO StrengthenGuardian Strengthen Guardian
RO EmergencyCall Emergency Call RO BattleOrders Battle Orders
RO Regeneration Regeneration RO Restore Restore

Ragnarok Online II

Administration Skills Battle Skills
RO2 GuildAffiliationExpansion
Guild Affiliation Expansion
RO2 WingsOfFreedom
Wings of Freedom
RO2 LastResolution
Last Resolution
RO2 LoseMind
Lose Mind
RO2 SupportingFunds
Supporting Funds
RO2 GreatSolidarity
Great Solidarity
RO2 StrengthenSupply
Strengthen Supply
RO2 ChronicFatigue
Chronic Fatigue
RO2 GuildStablemaster
Guild Stablemaster
RO2 SymbolOfUnity
Symbol of Unity
RO2 SecureTheSupply
Secure the Supply
RO2 AdditionalAllowance
Additional Allowance
RO2 EquipmentReinforcement
Equipment Reinforcement
RO2 IronWill
Iron Will
RO2 ToughSpirit
Tough Spirit
RO2 Jackpot777
Jackpot 777
RO2 ProsperityOfGuild
Prosperity of Guild
RO2 EmergencyCall
Emergency Call
RO2 PointKick
Point Kick
RO2 PhysicalTraining
Physical Training
 RO2 DinnerOfVictory
Dinner of Victory
RO2 PierceEye
Pierce Eye
RO2 TacticalTraining
Tactical Training

Disbanding a Guild

In RO, guildleaders must kick all guildmembers and then type /breakguild "guild name" in the chatbox.

In RO2, guildleaders must also kick all guildmembers in addition to emptying out the Guild Warehouse. Once done, the guildleader must then talk to a Guild Manager to disband the guild.


  • A real-life guild is an association of artisans who control the practice of their craft in a particular town.[1]

See Also


  1. Guild 2013 Apr. 9


Ragnarok Online

  • Patch (2016 Jun. 15)
    • Fixed an issue where Guild UI showed incorrect gender information regarding Taekwon classes.
  • Patch (2016 Mar. 30)
    • Added an 'ON/OFF' command in the Guild UI to sort online/offline members.
  • Patch (2015 Aug. 26)
    • The guild window interface has been revamped to include the date the member joined the guild and the last time they logged on. The ability to send private messages or RODEX messages to users on the list via right click context menu was also added. Some obsolete information has been removed from the interface to make room for the new stuff.
  • Patch (2014 Oct. 15)
    • Guilds can no longer be created inside WoE maps.
  • Guild Warehouse Update (2014 Feb. 05)
    • You can now give your guildmembers access to guild storage by checking the box just like how you give them power to invite/punish; also added Item Log.
  • Patch (2012 Mar. 07)
    • Text-based command to invite people to guild.
  • Patch (2012 Jan. 18)
    • Implemented Guild Tip User Interface.

Ragnarok Online II

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