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Gravity Game Card
iRO's promotion page for the game card
Type Credit Card
Distributor(s) Target, Walmart, Hess, Stripes, Cumberland Farms
Release Date(s) 2009

Gravity Game Card is a prepaid stored-value card that works like a credit or debit card. Released in 2009, the cards allowed the user to buy either Kafra Points or game subscriptions for Ragnarok Online, Requiem, or ROSE Online.


Gravity Game Cards were stocked alongside other prepaid cards in the following stores:

  • Target Stores
  • Walmart Website
  • Hess Stores
  • Stripes
  • Cumberland Farms

After some time, Gravity Game Cards were eventually retired and replaced with Ultimate Game Cards.

Cash ValueEdit

The cards only had values of $15 or $30; no other monetary amounts were ever released.