Sanderman Fortress
Level 40 - 60 (RO)
47 (RO2)
RO SandermanFortress
The abandoned fort.
Race desert monsters
Affiliation Rune-Midgarts
Location East of Comodo
Technical Name(s) cmd_fild06, cmd_fild08, cmd_fild09

Sanderman Fortress is the name of the fort complex that lies east of Comodo and west of Morocc. It was once a province occupied by Norman called Sanderman. Because Sanderman was often invaded and pillaged by desert vagrants, the citizens began fortifying the province to defend themselves.

When Comodo was constructed, the people of Sanderman began moving over to the cave town as it was quickly expanding and growing in power. Eventually Sanderman Fortress was completely abandoned and now only desert monsters occupy its walls.[1]

In 300 years, the fortress continues to be in complete ruin. However, some people have begun using it as a hideout.

On iRO, this area is localized as Fortress Saint Darmain for some reason. It is misspelled as Sandaruman in Serutero's explanatory text.

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  1. "Hi, I'm Serutero, guardian of the roads that lead to Sanderman Fortress."