Ragnarok manhwa4
Fenrir can be seen behind Fenris.
Gender Male
Job Class unknown
Race God Wolf
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon unknown
Family unknown
Friends Baldr
First Appearance not yet

Fenrir (Korean: 펜릴) is the Wolf God who was reincarnated into the Warlock Fenris Fenrir.

It is unknown where Fenrir fits into the scheme of things as both Fenris and Frigg hint that Fenrir was a part of the Thousand-Year War but that doesn't necessarily mean he participated in the war. It seems Fenrir was very familiar with Baldr as the wolf had been to Baldr's temple Breidablik (since Fenris recalled it being very grand when she visited the ruins in A.W. 996) and Fenris literally threw herself into the arms of Baldr's reincarnation when she found him.

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