RO Fabre
Fabre as seen in RO.
Class Normal
Level 6 (RO)
7 (RO2)
Size Small
Type Insect
Element Earth
Natural Habitat Geffen fields, Prontera fields, Payon Forest, East Mt. Mjolnir

Fabres are the larvae of Creamy that are suitable for newbies to fight with. It evolves into a Pupa.[1] Likes to roll around the grassland with its round body.[2] The weak and small larva of Creamy. Although some say it is cute, this author must disagree. Wholeheartedly.[3]


This is a diagram of the monster's life cycle.

RO Fabre
RO Pupa
RO Creamy

Ragnarok Online II

RO2 Fabre

Fabre as seen in RO2.

In RO2, there are 2 varieties of this monster:
  • Fabre
  • Needle Fabre


  • The name Fabre was adopted from a famous French entomologist and author, Jean-Henri Casimir Fabre. It is highly likely that the name was adopted from him because of his popular study of insects and is considered by many to be the father of modern entomology.[4]

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