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Major changes in the features and history of the world take place as Episodes in the Ragnarok Online II timeline. As the development team is located in South Korea, this list will consist of updates made to their particular servers.

As of 2013 December, the iRO2 server is now the main development server for RO2. It will be the first to receive updates from this point on until the original home server is reopened.

NOTE: kRO2 has not officially referred to their updates as episodes. It is possible they may adopt the use of the word "episode" for their updates later. For now, major updates will be referred to as episodes for consistency purposes.

Episode # Episode Updates Date Added[1]
1 RO2 LegendOfTheSecond Legend of the Second
  1. Colosseum
  2. Unions
  3. Noel
  4. War of Emperium
2012 March 26
2 RO2 AdventOfValkyrie Advent of Valkyrie
  1. Morocc
  2. Master Level System
  3. Dark Whisper Fortress
  4. Forgotten Payon
2013 December 18

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  1. Release date pertains to live server release, not test server release.

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