Eigen Ahrum Walter
RO EigenAhrumWalter
Ahrum as seen in RO.
Gender Male
Job Class Prince
Race Norman
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon none
Family Schmitz Von Walter (ancestor)
Friends Ernst Gaebolg
First Appearance Episode 12 (Ragnarok Online)

Eigen Ahrum Walter, or Ahrum for short, is one of the seven prince candidates for the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom throne. He is very friendly and prefers experience over theory. He is not a decent noble in the eyes of his family, but believes a good king should neglect those trifles. He is nagged by his prince brethren Ernst a lot, but thinks highly of him. Ahrum doesn't like the prince election system as he believes a king should earn his place by his own capability and aptitude.

Ahrum is a descendant of Schmitz Von Walter, which he is none too proud of.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Ahrum initially behaves properly before the appraiser, answering the adventurer's questions confidently and without fail. He later makes a promise with his close friend, Ernst, that should he or Ernst ever become corrupted, one would kill the other.

Some time later, the appraiser approaches Ahrum after overhearing a conspiracy between a Walter guest and a member of the Richard royal family plotting to kill Ernst Gaebolg in order to improve Ahrum's chances for the throne. Hearing this, Ahrum becomes upset and distraught that a member of his own family would stoop so low for the throne. He began concocting a plan that would save his dear friend.

The appraiser returns to find Ahrum visiting the rooms of the other six princes, ranting about their flaws and generally being a big bully. Little did they know that this was just an act in order to disqualify himself for the throne.

However, the act takes a turn for the worse when Ernst confronts Ahrum about his behavior. Ahrum throws a dagger towards Ernst, reminding him of their promise to end the other should corruption arise. Ernst could not bring himself to stab his friend and so Ahrum uses the weapon on himself. With his last breaths, he asks the appraiser to not tell anyone of the truth of his actions and that Ernst had killed him in self-defense in order to end his "reign of terror." He then dies in Ernst's arms.[1]