Paradise Group Mark
RO ParadiseGroupMark
The item's info window.
Type Spell Item
Effects Warps you back to your save point. 120 minute cooldown between uses.
Weight 0
Source Join the Paradise Group! Quest
Cost to buy --
Cost to sell 125 Zeny

A mark that certifies a member of the Paradise Group. It's made to be very portable.

On iRO, this item is localized as Eden Group Mark.


  • DO NOT sign up for the Paradise Group more than once or you will receive multiple Paradise Group Marks with no way to get rid of the extras.
  • The Paradise Group Mark cannot be stored, dropped, traded, vended, or sold to NPCs. It basically becomes a permanent part of your inventory.

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  • Patch (2016 Jan. 27)
    • Paradise Group Mark: Before, delay 30 min, double click and warp to last save point. Now, delay 20 min; double click and warp to 2nd floor in Paradise Group.
  • Patch (2015 Oct. 07)
    • Item [Paradise Group Mark] cooldown decreased from 120 minutes to 20 minutes.
  • Patch (2012 Aug. 01)
    • Added exchange function for 'Lime Evenor' NPC where you can exchange the old Paradise Group Mark for a consumable item Paradise Group Mark with Butterfly Wing-like function that can be used infinite number of times.