Du Lian
RO DuLian
Du's dialogue image.
Gender Male
Job Class Rune Knight
Race Norman
Alignment unknown
Main Weapon unknown
Family unknown
Friends Mark Esha, Maggi Steen, Alph Ackart
First Appearance Episode 14 (Ragnarok Online)

Du Lian is a young Rune Knight traveling to Eclage with his friend of fifteen years Mark Esha. He tends to be very impatient, preferring to rush through everything. He possesses a black dragon tattoo on his left arm.


SPOILER WARNING: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Du was on his way to Eclage with his friend Mark when the two of them were stopped by a Laphine security guard at the city's gates. The guard required that Du and his friend fill out registration forms before they could be admitted into Eclage. Du offers to fill out the forms for them and misspells Mark's name as Madrid (apparently on purpose). He then proceeds to cut in front of an adventurer, which irritates Mark and earns him a smack on the head. Du gets upset at Mark for hitting him and tries to hurry the Laphine immigration officer, which earns him another smack from Mark. Once the paperwork was finally approved, Du dashes into Eclage while Mark apologizes to the adventurer he cut in front of.[1]

Du's haphazard rush ends up breaking the main bridge into Eclage, causing him and his friends to fall in. After a carpenter Laphine name Fon is able to fix the bridge with the help of an adventurer, Du and Mark are relieved to be helped out of the hole they were in. Du is surprised to see the adventurer from earlier and laments about not being able to get rid of him/her. Mark apologizes for Du Lian for breaking the bridge and Fon warns them that if they break the bridge again, they'll be off to jail. Du remarks how weak the bridge was to break under his running, to which Fon becomes furious. Mark is shocked at Du's comment and Du tries to cover up his insult. Fon gets fed up and yells at them to leave immediately and never return.

Some time later, Du runs into Glaces and overhears her asking the adventurer to seek out her friend Yube. He then boasts that he will take care of the request, but Mark reminds him to not get involved. The Rune Knight insists that it is a warrior's job to go where help is needed. He then asserts that the adventurer is now his rival and declares helping Glaces to be a competition between the two.

Du manages to find Yube and grabs him to take him over to Glaces, who becomes upset at how he's handling her friend. He then notices Oliver Hilpert wearing a wolf hoodie and tries to match him up with Maggi Steen. Maggi doesn't seem interested, which disappoints Du. He then declares that he will find Moreng and rushes off with Yube in hand and Mark, Maggi, and Alph Ackart in tow.

After finding Moreng, Du hears the Laphine talk about Yais and wonders if they're edible since Moreng remarks that Yais signify an egg. Moreng says nothing and turns his attention back to the adventurer to ask him/her about a legendary giant bird that lives in Midgard. When Moreng wishes to know more about the legendary bird from the old man he met, Du tells him to stop being meek and just ask. He then offers to find out more from the old man for Moreng and races off towards Eclage's plaza.

Du and the others get to the plaza and find the old man who begins prattling on about a Laphine name Light Standard. After hearing about a traveler with a giant feather, Du rushes off towards the gates of Eclage where the traveler was last seen.

The group finds the traveler outside the gates of Eclage who indeed had a giant feather. However, the traveler's story of battling a giant bird to get the feather was suspect. He claimed to have encountered the giant bird upon arriving in Alfheim, but Oliver points out that the old man claimed the bird was sighted in Midgard. The traveler becomes nervous and corrects himself that it was Midgard where he saw the bird and not Alfheim. Then Mark notes that the scars that the traveler claims was from the fight were too old to have been made in a recent fight and they were too scabbed to have been healed through magic. Maggi and Alph further poke holes in the traveler's story until Du accuses the traveler of having bought the feather. The traveler finally admits that he bought the feather from a cat who managed to get into Eclage. He pleads the group to stop the cat before it takes anyone else's money.

They all head back to the plaza where they encounter the Cat Hand Group merchant who was peddling multiple feathers. Alph points out that the feathers can't be real because of the way the end is shaped. The Cat Hand merchant asserts that the feather did come from Midgard, but it was too big for him to carry so he just cut it into smaller pieces and adjusted them to look like whole feathers. Maggi is astonished and wonders how big the original feather was. When the Cat Hand merchant tells them how big it was, Dulian is impressed and claims they could make an omelet the size of the whole plaza. Mark suggests that they should go back to tell Moreng now that they have the whole story.

After telling Moreng the truth, the Laphine becomes excited and wishes to leave for Midgard right away. The group then notifies Glaces, who is surprised by Moreng's interest in such a tale and decides to change party preparations from a birthday party to a farewell party. She then asks the group to tell Yube and the group ends up at Yube's Yai. Oliver becomes hungry for acorns and Dulian offers to get some for him while everyone else rest up in the Yai. After getting Oliver a pile of acorns, Dulian encourages him to eat more so he would grow up big and strong. However, Oliver becomes sleepy after becoming full with acorns and fades away, causing Dulian to recoil in shock.[2]