Level none
RO Dewata
Type Island
Race Norman
Government unknown
Rulers unknown
Faiths unknown
Location Across the ocean from Rune-Midgarts

Dewata is a sparkling gem in the middle of the ocean, a land of ancient temples and tribal villages.


Those looking to take in the sights of Dewata can continue north from the dock to the center of town.

For those looking for relaxation, rustic lodge rentals are available at the northeastern end of town, for honeymooners or traveler looking for a quiet getaway.To the west is the imposing stone pagoda known as Borobudur, crowned with snall shrines where visitors can make wishes for good fortune, ultimate power and so on. To the north of the town is a colonial era inn, displaying a mix of Dewata and continental architecture.

Just above the Borobudur complex is the path connecting the Dewata town and the village where the local Jaty Tribe live. They often keep to themselves, but will treat friendly visitors well.[1][2]

Points of Interest



  • Dewata is the Indonesian word for "gods."[3]




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