Day of Despair
Participants Freyja, Valkyries of Freyja
Date unknown
Location Midgard

The Day of Despair ends the story of Ragnarok Online and predates the story of Ragnarok Online II, occurring 300 years prior. It is the day when Freyja and her Valkyries unleashed death and destruction upon the world of Midgard.

In the time leading up to the Day of Despair, Chaos appeared and gathered friends and allies Loki, Fenris Fenrir, Iris Irine, and Lidia to help seal Freyja away in her homeworld of Vanaheim.[1]

Most notable during this time is the death of the Normans Hohenheim, Demeter, Beriel, and Vulcan, who have all been reborn as Guardians for the Life Jobs of Alchemist, Chef, Artisan, and Blacksmith respectively.


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