Coluceo Heal
RO ColuceoHeal
Usable by
Job Class Archbishop
Type Active
Category Support
Levels 3 (Selectable)
Cast Time (1.5 - 0.5 x SkillLvl) (fixed) + 3 sec (var)
Cooldown 2 seconds
Other Information
Requirements Heal Lv. 1

Coluceo Heal casts Heal on the caster and all party members within the skill's radius. The highest level of Heal learned is used. Coluceo Heal will also heal additional HP determined by the number of party members.


  • When being cast in a party, and there is someone who can't receive heals (Magic Gear Mechanic or person with Undead Property/Status; GTB doesn't matter), heal will only be delivered to the caster and whoever is between the Party leader and the Undead / Mado Mechanic in the party window.

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